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Laser Tracker Service


Laser Tracker Service

  • Tool Verification

    Each part requires horizontal positioning and final spatial positioning. The first step is to measure all part references using a laser measurement system and the coordinate system with the best fit algorithm to report the baseline fit error. This result can inform the user of the overall spatial dimension information.

  • Line Assembly

    After the entire production line or the assembly line was finished in the factory, due to shipping, to dismantle the production line or assembly line each component transport to the customer site for final installation, validation and test.

    When all components arrive at the installation site, they need to be installed to the appropriate location. Need to establish benchmarks in the product line, then the laser tracker can accurately measure each benchmark product line alignment. The final installation calibration and gap adjustment is completed by laser measurement system.

  • Industrial robots calibration

    Robot repeat positioning accuracy is high, but the absolute positioning accuracy is poor. In order to improve the performance of the robot and expand the application range of the robot, the parameters of the robot kinematics model need to be calibrated to reduce the error of the absolute accuracy. Our laser tracker inspection and calibration service for industrial field calibration, can effectively help customers solve this problem.