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The power of partnerships - Microsoft IOT

Release date : 2017-11-11

Microsoft has chosen to invest in and establish a Microsoft Technology Center as part of the Danish headquarter in Copenaghen. The main goal of the MTC is to inspire customers about how digital technologies can drive businesses through the IoT revolution.

Open Technologies, the leading manufacturer or professional 3D Scanners, installed its high-end device, CronosDual, at the MTC's innovation alley at the beginning of August. The scenario foresees Open Technologies 3d sensor, Unity3D, a Surface Studio and Microsoft Holo Lens placed side by side; capture any physical object, manipulate it in Unity and export it to the Holo Lens for the most immersive 3d experience ever.

We asked Microsoft to talk about their experience:

Open Technologies - What is the main purpose/target of the MTC's innovation alleys?

Microsoft - The intention with Innovation Alley is to allow Microsoft customers and partners to experience, as is feel, see, touch, hear and even taste what technology can do. We do this, typically together with our partners, through functional scenarios where the technologies have been installed and are fully functional, so customers can try them out for themselves, or view demonstrations. As customers walk through Innovation Alley, we tell stories about how the technologies are applied and what mechanisms unlock business value.

OT - What is the meaning of IOT for Microsoft?

M - Internet of Things is a term for connecting all things digitally. To Microsoft the concept represents an opportunity to collaborate with partners and customers to unlock business value by registering, collecting and processing data. For example, Microsoft and Rolls Royce are collaborating to collect and process data from jet engines in order to make the airlines more successful.

OT - Who's the main target audience for the Innovation Alley?

M - The main audience is enterprise customers, that definition, however, is rapidly changing as the 4th industrial revolution advances. Enterprise seems to indicate large in terms of people, however, companies of all sizes now have the potential to create breakthrough solutions; so in reality, all customers that want to challenge the status quo and create innovative solutions are the target audience.

OT - Why Open Technologies? how did you meet?

M - Microsoft noticed Open technologies at the Hannover Messe. The industry is moving towards 3D and 3D is becoming more mainstream. Microsoft is working hard to democratize 3D, investing heavily with products like Windows 10 Creators Update, native support for 3D printing, 3D builder and Paint 3D, Hololens and partners like Dell, Acer and Lenovo that are putting out mixed reality Windows 10 device. We were looking for partners that could help enable our customer to experience that moving from a physical object to a virtual object as holograms, augmenting, building or changing those and finally 3D printing new objects. Open Technologies is an innovative company themselves, creating high quality ultraprecise 3D scanners, so they seemed to be a natural partner to collaborate with.

OT - Any on the spot comments following the installation.

M - As part of the collaboration, Open Technologies came on-site to install the 3D Scanner and train our technical staff. This was a wonderful experience and it became clear that the people of Open Technologies are extremely skilled and competent.

OT - How many people do you expect?

M - The MTC was opened to customers and partners mid-September and we have had more than 100 people come through the MTC and Innovation Alley. We expect somewhere between 3 and 4000 people to visit the MTC each year.