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Dingchu Technology Company Will Attend DMC with New Product Nyx 3D Scanner

Release date : 2018-05-24

In June, Tingchu Technology will attend the 18th Die&Mould China at the Exhibition and Convention Center.  It will be a cutting-edge 3D scanning feast for honored guest. Our company will exhibit the new product of 3D scanner and provide professional and all-around detection scheme.

As an exclusive agency of Open Technologies, we will unveil Nyx 3D scanner in China.  Nyx is a compact 3d scanner, available in 2 different models (blue or white light) and in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium and Large), according to your specific need, that offers great measurement flexibility and the best performance of the market. Besides Nyx 3D scanner, Tingchu will exhibit Crono X scanning system, Aurum high accuracy desktop 3D scanning system and other products at the DMC. Our professional engineer will provide all-around detection scheme from vehicle, mould, medicine and education and other industries..

We are looking forward to your coming on June 5!