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545-190M Sight Level

545-190 tilting level combines precision with rugged reliability to execute the most demanding leveling jobs. The telescope has adjustments to maintain the line of sight straight throughout a focusing range of two inches to infinity, allowing the instrument to be located in the tightest of setups.


Telescope length:

16″ (40.6 cm), with 190 micrometer installed

Magnification: 20X at 2″ from objective; 30X at infinity

Field of view: 1 degree

Image: Erect

Optics: Low reflective, protective coating

Effective aperture: 1.34″

Reticle: Glass, filar/bi-filar pattern (others available)

Focusing range: 2″ (5.1 cm) to infinity

Bearings: Ball type with a runout of 0.000025″ or less

Finish: Two part, gray polyurethane enamel (textured)

Approx. weight:

545-190, 17.4 lbs (7.9 kg)

Instrument and case, 36.6 lbs. (16.6 kg)


Plastic case with foam cushions to provide all-around support for the instrument

Includes adjusting pins, instruction booklet, and plastic cover


The 545-190 (or the metric version, 545-190M) comes standard with a single axis optical micrometer, giving you precise control of any object being evaluated to gravity level within a 360° circle around the instrument.

These instruments provide a means of easily leveling all types of machinery and equipment, evaluating the orientation of tables, ways, sole plates, rollers, shafts, etc.The 545-190 is classified as National Stock Number (NSN) 6675-00-509-5586.

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