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Spatial Analyzer

SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) by New River Kinematics (NRK) is the essential measurement, alignment,and reporting software for portable metrology in large-scale manufacturing settings. SA can interface with and simultaneously run over 120 instruments and provides a common interface for each instrument class. There are three different SA software packages that address various measurement needs and goals. Custom software solutions are also available for customers with unique metrology challenges.



SA Professional with Native CAD is the professional measurement, alignment, inspection, analysis, and reporting software for all portable metrology instruments. In addition to all essential measurement needs, it includes several key inspection features, geometry inspection, and measurement automation.


SA Ultimate plus Native CAD is the premier measurement, optimization, analysis, reporting, and automation software suite for all portable instruments. It is inclusive of everything contained in SA Professional, plus the features below.


SA Machine with Native CAD contains all features of SA Ultimate, but also allows users to interface with robots and CNC machines. This permits calibration and real-time compensation of robots and large volume CNC machines to high degrees of accuracy. It also enables robotic scripting, teach pendant behavior, and linear or joint space robotic control.

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