TetraLock industrial stands are ideal for portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs) and survey instrumentation weighing up to 125 lbs., such as articulating arms, laser projectors, scanners, total stations, theodolites, and more. Check out our Application Matrix tab to the right for instrument compatibility with the TetraLock stands.


Weight: 20.6 lbs (9.6kg)

Minimum Height: 29.5 in (75cm)

Maximum Height: 47 in (119cm)

Material: Aluminum and stainless steel

Finish: Clear coat and paint

Carrying Case: Duffel style canvas bag

with strap handle


The height of the stand is adjusted by releasing quick-action cam style levers and extending (or retracting) each telescoping leg to the desired length. Index marks on the legs provide visual guides when adjusting the height. Each leg is outfitted with a "pad style" foot. On top is a standard 3½"-8 thread on which may be mounted instruments or other adapters. A bull's eye level vial makes for easy leveling of the stand prior to installing an instrument or adapter. A duffel style canvas carrying bag with shoulder strap is included with the stand.

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