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CRONOS 3D Scanner

The Cronos  is a full color 3D scanner, which is widely uesd in the field of culture, education and industry.The stability and practicality of 3D scanners allow to use them widely in product design, reverse engineering and dimensional inspection.  A compact and light design that makes it the perfect portable industrial digitizer. The Cronos 3D is available in single and dual range, equipped with three camera resolutions: 1.3 MP, 2.0MP and 3.1 MP to meet different requirements.


1.3MP Scanning Field A: 200*150*200  / 400*320*400       B:250*200*250    / 500*400*500
Point Sapcing : 0.15mm / 0.31mm    0.19mm / 0.39mm
2.0MP Scanning Field A:  150*115*150 / 300*240* 300   B: 170*130*170  / 340*225*340
Point Spacing : 0.09mm / 0.18mm   0.10mm / 0.21mm
3.1MP Scanning Field : 180*135*180  / 350*225*350
Point Spacing : 0.08mm / 0.17mm
Accuracy (mm) 0.02*
Scanning Time <4s
Dimension 540*250*125
Weight 7KG
Light Source LED

Optical RevEng 2.3

Texture Color Colorful
Output Format (grid) stl, obj, ply, off, om
Output Format (point- cloud) asc,xyz,pts, opt,vtx
Working Supply 90-230V AC
Working Temperature 5-40℃
Connectivity USB *2 and  HDMI High Definition Point
Optional  Automatic Turntable Point USB *1

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